One Platform for HDR Treatment Planning 


SagiPlan® is a comprehensive treatment planning software (TPS) for all HDR applications including real-time prostate treatment. All applicators delivered by Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG and Mick Radio-Nuclear Instruments are implemented in the SagiPlan® Applicator List with full 3D geometric data allowing for an easy, fast and accurate reconstruction. Flexible applicators are easily reconstructed with automatic image processing based on CT image data. SagiPlan® is the only TPS which can calculate the biologically effective dose, total BED, equivalent dose for 2 Gy fractions, and total EQD2 for any structure volumes or points selected by the user. Individually defined α/β ratios allow for an easy evaluation of the HDR treatment course together with external beam radiation (EBRT) plans.


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