Prostate HDR Brachytherapy

The Contour Prostate Template Sets are available for needle sizes up to 2 mm  diameter.

Contour Prostate Templates

The Contour Prostate Template facilitates the insertion of interstitial needles for the treatment of prostate cancer. It is available in a small and large size version and compatible to CIVCO stepper models. In addition, the Contour Prostate Template can be provided with laser engraved Siemens or BK labeling schemes. It accommodates needles of different gauges which are securely held in place individually by color coded needle collets, where each color corresponds to a specific needle size. The Contour Prostate Template is curved to fit the sloping anatomy of the perineum. There are four suture holes provided for optional fixation of the template to the perineum. The Contour Prostate Template consists of high-quality PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) and the template inserts and needle collets are made of titanium to allow continuous use and steam sterilization. Furthermore, protective cones can be offered to shield the implanted needles from accidental displacement or impact.  


Mick® FlexiGuide Needles

Mick® FlexiGuide Needles are made specifically for use with Varian remote afterloading systems. They are composed of celcon; a biocompatible plastic material provided with a sharp pencil-point. The connecting component connects the FlexiGuide Needle to the transfer tubes of the afterloader. Mick® FlexiGuide Needles provide smooth and accurate needle placement and minimal discomfort for patients. The CT compatibility provides excellent deliniation for treatment planning contouring with minimal CT artifacts. Included with each needle is a rigid stainless steel stylet which is blunt-ended. Both components must be used together during insertion. The stylet is manufactured so that when inserted in the needle, the blunt-ended tip does not touch the tip of the needle. Thus, pressure applied to the needle during Insertion is applied to the connector end (proximally) and not the tip of the FlexiGuide Needle. FlexiGuide Needles are provided as 15.5G, 0.072" diameter (1.82 mm) x 20 cm long and 15.5G, 0.072" diameter (1.82 mm) x 25 cm long and are color-coded for size variation identification. They are provided sterile and intended for single use.


For additional information, please see:

Fact sheet Mick® FlexiGuide Needles