HDR-IORT/Superficial Brachytherapy

The H.A.M. Applicators are available with connections for Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG afterloaders, Varian and Elekta/Nucletron transfer tubes.

H.A.M. Applicators (Flaps)

The H.A.M. Applicator facilitates the delivery of superficial HDR treatments and HDR I.O.R.T. treatments of advanced cancers via remote afterloading. The H.A.M. Applicator, consists of a flexible pad of silicone rubber that is 8 mm thick. An array of catheters are embedded parallel to each other spaced 10 mm apart while a consistent source-to-tissue distance of 5 mm is maintained. Because of its flexibility, the H.A.M. Applicator easily conforms to the shape of surfaces to which it is applied. H.A.M. Applicators are manufactured to be compatible with today’s remote afterloading systems and the applicators can be “tailor made” to provide optimal treatment area coverage. H.A.M Applicators are provided with or without embedded catheters.


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Fact sheet H.A.M. Applicators (Flaps)